Public Safety

Police Department

  • Non-Emergency Contact: Molly Thoma
  • Phone: (570) 208-4200

Mission Statement

      The Wilkes-Barre City Police Department shall enter into a complete partnership with all residents and visitors of the City of Wilkes-Barre to effectively protect life and property, reduce crime, and foster an environment of harmony between business, industry, and recreation thereby enhancing the quality of life in the City.

Vision Statement

Department Motto: NISI NOBIS TUNC QUIBIS - If not us, then whom?

  • If not us, then whom?

  • WHO will defend the victims of crime?

  • WHO will stand for the abused children and elderly?

  • WHO will protect those who cannot protect themselves?

The Wilkes-Barre Police Department is the WHO, its members bound together by a common goal of preservation of order, commitment to duty and service to the people of Wilkes-Barre.


      The Wilkes-Barre City Police Department provides law enforcement and public safety services to a population of 43,000+ residents and visitors; covering an area of 7 square miles. The Department is staffed by 91 sworn personnel and 7 civilians.

Office of the Chief of Police
Gerard E. Dessoye, Chief of Police
Molly Thoma, Administrative Assistant to the Chief of Police
John Curham, Administrative Sergeant

Patrol Division

Donald Crane, Deputy Chief
3 Lieutenants
6 Sergeants
64 Patrol Officers
3 Civilians

      This Division is responsible for responding to calls for service and general patrol duties. Officers carry out these duties while assigned to a zone car, motorcycle patrol, bicycle patrol, or foot patrol. The Division also has 3 K-9 teams which are cross-trained in drug detection and protection/tracking.

Detective Division

Robert Hughes, Captain of Detectives
10 Detectives
1 Patrol Officer

      This Division is responsible for all major crimes investigations and criminal investigations not handled in the Patrol Division. This Division also includes the Department's Juvenile Unit and Auto Theft Unit.

Operations Division

Joseph Novak, Sergeant of Operations

2 Civilians

      This Division is responsible for maintaining the Department's records, evidence, and property functions; as well as recording/analyzing crime data. The Division is comprised of the Department's Computer Statistics Analysis Unit (COMSTAT) and the Department's Records Unit.

      This Division is responsible for overseeing the Department's Crime Watch and other community based programs, the Department's Narcotics Unit, and the Department's training and grant writing functions.