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Wilkes-Barre City Police Department Special Units

Operations Division Units

Patrol Unit:

Emergency Services Unit (ESU): This unit is responsible for tactical assignments such as high risk warrant service and response to unusual events. Members of the ESU Team are assigned as a part-time basis and are specially trained in coordinated entry tactics, active shooter incidents, barricaded subjects, select-fire weapons, chemical and less lethal munitions, and crisis negotiations.

School Resource Officer Unit (SRO): These specially trained officers are part of the Community Policing Unit and are responsible for maintaining a positive, safe relationship with the City's youth and staff who learn and work inside the City's high schools.

K9 Unit: The Canine (K9) Unit, which is part of the Patrol Unit, supports the our Department and neighboring agencies by locating narcotics that may have otherwise gone undetected and apprehending suspects that may have otherwise placed officers in danger or escaped. The K9's are also cross-trained in drug detection and protection/tracking. The K9 Unit regularly works with the Community Policing Unit at special events and presentations.

Community Policing Unit:
Ceremonial Unit:
Ceremonial Unit:
Training Unit:
Parking Enforcement Unit: