Public Safety

Police Department

Operations Division Special Units

Patrol Unit:
Defined as the backbone of the department, the Patrol Unit provides protection to the residents of the City of Wilkes-Barre 24/7. Members of the Patrol Unit are the first responders to calls of service and are responsible for general patrol duties. Officers carry out these duties while assigned to a zone car, motorcycle patrol, bicycle patrol, or foot patrol.
Officers who work within the Patrol Unit are trained and experienced in a number of specialized areas of law enforcement. Some of these areas include:

  • Drug and Criminal Patrol Investigation
  • DUI Enforcement - SFST - ARIDE - Breath Test Operators
  • ENRADD/VASCAR Operation
  • Commercial Vehicle Inspection and Weight
  • Collision Reconstruction to include pedestrian and motorcycle
  • Forensic Mapping
  • Incident Command Systems
  • Crisis Intervention
  • Immediate Action-Rapid Deployment

Emergency Services Unit (ESU): This unit is responsible for tactical assignments such as high risk warrant service and response to unusual events. Members of the ESU Team are assigned as a part-time basis and are specially trained in coordinated entry tactics, active shooter incidents, barricaded subjects, select-fire weapons, chemical and less lethal munitions, and crisis negotiations.

Records Unit
The Records Unit is responsible for accurately maintaining, processing and disseminating departmental records and/or reports for court, motor vehicle crashes, criminal acts or other purposes. Other responsibilities include recording and analyzing crime data and trends, maintaining a current database of wanted persons by our department, and providing data to the Pennsylvania State Police Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) system and other local, state, and federal agencies. Persons seeking department records may contact the Records Unit Monday through Friday 9:00 am to 4:00 pm. The following fees may apply:

  • PennDOT Reportable Accident Reports - $15.00
  • Non-Reportable Accident Reports - $25.00
  • Employee Police Records Search - $15.00
  • Event Reports - $25.00
  • Case Reports - $25.00
  • Fingerprinting - $25.00
  • Non-Arrest Photography - $15.00

School Resource Officer Unit (SRO): These specially trained officers are part of the Community Policing Unit and are responsible for maintaining a positive, safe relationship with the City's youth and staff who learn and work inside the City's high schools.

K9 Unit: The Canine (K9) Unit, which is part of the Patrol Unit, supports the our Department and neighboring agencies by locating narcotics that may have otherwise gone undetected and apprehending suspects that may have otherwise placed officers in danger or escaped. The K9's are also cross-trained in drug detection and protection/tracking. The K9 Unit regularly works with the Community Policing Unit at special events and presentations.

Community Policing Unit:
Phil Myers, Sergeant
(570) 208-4235

The Community Policing Unit is responsible for maintaining a positive relationship with the citizens, businesses and other organizations of the City of Wilkes-Barre as well as provide education or training on various crime prevention topics. This Unit interacts regularly with organizations like the Wilkes-Barre Crime Watch, Downtown Business Improvement District, Downtown Resident Association and other community-based programs.

Some of the programs we offer include:
  • Distribution of Safety Information at local events
  • Child Car Seat Installation
  • Safety lessons to groups such as Scouts and daycare facilites to include gun safety, stranger danger, drug and alcohol prevention, and bicycle safety
  • Children's Group Tours of the Police Station
  • Project Child Safe - Gun Locks
  • Eddie the Eagle
  • College Internship and Ride Along
  • Identity Theft Prevention
  • Operation ID
  • Child Fingerprinting
  • Other Crime Prevention and Safety Topics
  • DEA National Prescription Drug Take Back Initiative

Ceremonial Unit:
The Ceremonial Unit has a special purpose of representing the City of Wilkes-Barre, the Police Department, its officers and families at funerals, parades, memorials and other ceremonial events. Members of the honor guard are trained in, close quarter drills, manual of arms, presentation of colors, and customs and courtesies.

Training Unit:
The Training Unit is responsible for maintaining the professional development and continued education of our officers. Officers are assigned to the training unit on a part-time basis.

Parking Enforcement Unit:
The Parking Enforcement Unit, which consists of civilian Parking Enforcement Officers (PEO's), is responsible for the maintenance of parking meters and the enforcement of local parking ordinances. Their duties include posting of temporary parking regulations, issuing of parking tickets, towing illegally parked vehicles and immobilization of vehicles that have outstanding fines.